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Website Last Updated: 1st January 2021

Concept: Welcome to my website which has been designed to assist with the promotion of my various music projects. I released my debut album ‘Metropolis’ on the 1st October 2012 and my second album ‘Electronic Sphere’ was released on the 27th April 2015. Please call back regularly for updates and/or visit my ‘Contact’ section for other ways to keep up to date. Christopher Myatt.

1st January 2021: A Happy New Year to you all. Everybody had a tough 2020 so we are all looking forward to a much brighter New Year :-)

25th April 2020: A new track titled ‘The Chase (Feat. Will Myatt)’ is to be released on the 27th April 2020 and is available through the usual digital streaming outlets. The guitar parts are played by my son Will Myatt which makes it in effect his debut into the music world! The video can be seen here.

19th August 2019: Don’t worry - I am still around! I’m busy working on a lot of new material which is more time consuming due to other commitments but also I am both mixing and mastering the tracks which does add a lot more time to the process.

1st January 2019: Happy New Year! Look out for some new material soon :-)

19th August 2017: Just a brief update. I am working on new material that I may release as either singles or as an album.

9th January 2017: Released on YouTube is my Kelis - Acapella (Myattmode Remix) for you to have a listen to. Due to copyright reasons you won’t be able to view this on a tablet, smartphone, etc.

4th December 2016: I have been working on an unofficial remix of a track by a reasonably well known female artist that I will make available on YouTube when it is complete. I have also been chipping away at new tracks with my latest project.

27th April 2016: It is one year ago today since I released the album ‘Electronic Sphere’ with regular sales since. I am currently working on a new project that each track so far are consistently in the 130-135 BPM range - you know what that means then ;-)

1st January 2016: Happy New Year!! :-)

23rd December 2015: May I wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2016 :-)

27th April 2015: My second album ‘Electronic Sphere’ is released today with the following tracklisting: 01 - Intro, 02 - A New Era, 03 - Vintage X, 04 - Celestial Dreams, 05 - Orbital, 06 - Ambling Along, 07 - On The Run, 08 - Violator, 09 - The Miracle Of Life (Album Version), 10 - Transtellar (Album Version), 11 - Electronic Sphere, 12 - On The Run, 13 - Farewell Fanfare. As always this album is available through all the mainstream digital retailers.

10th April 2015: My second album is released on the 27th April 2015 titled ‘Electronic Sphere’ containing twelve tracks. Full track listing will follow soon…

29th March 2015: I am releasing a single on Monday 30th March 2015 titled ‘Transtellar’. This track is taken from my second album ‘Electronic Sphere’ which is due to be released on the 27th April 2015. A video of ‘Transtellar’ can be viewed here on YouTube. Track details for the new album will be released soon.

19th January 2015: I have been analysing my statistics since I released my debut album in 2012. To date (including some royalties!) I have sold 257 tracks for which a majority have been sold through Spotify followed by iTunes. The top selling tracks are 'Energy', 'Metropolis Leodis' and 'Chilled Metropolis' with the rest of the tracks generally being quite even in sale numbers. Not bad for a bedroom project completed all by myself except for the final mix and mastering process. I am more than happy with these stats :-)

1st January 2015: I wish you all a Happy New Year! I will be releasing some fresh material later this year :-)

1st December 2014: A new single was released on the 1st December 2014 titled ‘The Miracle Of Life’. The video for this release can be viewed above.

23rd August 2014: A lot of my time recently has been spent on progressing five tracks in particular with a lot of fine tuning and adjustments. One track took a different direction which just goes to show that with a bit of experimentation you can produce something that takes on a whole new feel. The sales of my ‘Metropolis’ album remains steady and it has been noticeable how the sales trend has shifted from iTunes to Spotify.

27th June 2014: I currently have 25 tracks at various stages and I am working on which one’s are worth progressing to the different stages of production. I have added a lot of new sound libraries (mainly from Native instruments) which always give fresh ideas. I also recently added Maschine MKII to my hardware which is a brilliant piece of kit and fully recommended if you enjoy electronic music production.

26th January 2014: Happy New Year to you all :-) I am currently working on my latest project which has been a more casual affair and I am aiming for a release later in the year although I am not sure as yet wether it will be an album, an EP or just the odd single release. I will keep you posted here and thru’ my Twitter account @Myattmode

7th September 2013: A single version of ‘Chilled Metropolis’ is being released on the 16th September 2013 through iTunes and other digital outlets. A video of the track has been released and can be viewed here through YouTube.

30th June 2013: You can now listen to and buy tracks from Bandcamp. Not only can you download the tracks in wav format but tracks 1 and 7 are free. Also you can hear various stuff on my YouTube channel.

23rd June 2013: My website appearance has been given a little tidy up :-)

5th June 2013: The next month or so is going to be busy doing the final details of preparing my latest tracks for the mix/mastering process (11 possibly 14). The hardest thing at the moment is deciding on the track titles!

21st April 2013: I have released a track on YouTube titled Our Planet Earth which was composed specifically to accompany footage shot from the International Space Station of our planet. I have made a video using some footage which can be viewed here: Myattmode - Our Planet Earth. Further footage from the ISS can be found here: Crew Earth Observation Videos.

31st March 2013: I currently have 18 tracks at various stages of production for the next album I am working on. With a working title of ProjectXIII (I wonder why?) I am looking to have around 12 tracks on it. It will be different from my first album ‘Metropolis’ as it more of a dance genre. I’m not sure of a release date but the summer of 2013 seems to be likely. I may place some snippets on my YouTube account as well as on Soundcloud and Internet radio so please keep checking :-)

17th February 2013: I am currently working on a new project which is going to be dance based. I have also composed an atmospheric track that will in due course appear in full on YouTube accompanied with some very spectacular shots of earth from space - very peaceful :-)

1st January 2013: Happy New Year to you all! :-)

25th December 2012: May I wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2013 :-)

2nd December 2012: I have received my first sales report and to date I have sold 25 albums - target achieved! Thank you to those that have bought it :-)

18th November 2012: Hopefully soon I will get a report on how many albums/tracks I have sold. More and more fans are now listening to my tracks on the Internet radio.

14th October 2012: It will be around another four weeks before I know how many albums I will have sold but I have always maintained that if I have sold at least 20 albums I will be more than happy. I have also been busy behind the scenes visiting countless radio stations Facebook pages around the world and so far seven have shown interest. That doesn’t guarantee anything but it’s a step in the right direction.

1st October 2012: Today I have reached a lifetime ambition. Since I was a child I always wanted to record and produce my own music album and then to have it released. With the help of modern technology and the Internet this has been made possible. I started this project in January 2012 and nine months later my album ‘Metropolis’ is ready for it’s release. A lot of hard work has gone into it including all the promotion of the album through various social websites as well as my own website.

I have managed to achieve most of this ‘off my own back’. The final mixing and mastering process was the only professional help I sought which was by Nick from Cave Studio. The music video was never planned but a chance contact with Jack from Spiral Static Productions changed all that and certainly raised the profile of this project. Many hours were spent in my own time at home recording the tracks which took the best part of six months to do and I certainly learnt a lot about the equipment I used as well as various recording techniques.

It has been a challenge but I remained focused and motivated about what the end result was going to be. You can’t expect everybody to like your music but as long as it has a quality sound to it then at least I hope to gain the respect of what I have produced. Never for one moment do I expected to become wealthy from this project and my life won’t change because of it but when I look back I can always say that I achieved my goal.

Who knows what will happen and maybe I will do something similar in the future but I want to finish by saying a big thank you to all those that have helped along the way - and you know who you are :-)

23rd September 2012: My debut album ‘Metropolis’ is released on the 1st October 2012. It is available as a digital download through the following online stores: iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Spotify, 24-7, Google Music Store, Deezer, iHeartRadio, Medianet, Myxer, Omnifone, Rhapsody, Zune, 7Digital, Emusic, GreatIndieMusic,, MySpace Music, Nokia, Rdio, Simfy and Tradebit. It is worth shopping around these stores as some of them will sell the album cheaper than the others ;-) Click the blue highlighted text to download the album flyer and the 8 page album booklet.

2nd September 2012: I have viewed the Metropolis Leodis video that was filmed on the nights of the 16th May and the 28th August 2012 around the centre of Leeds. Jack from Spiral Static Productions has done a brilliant job along with Ollie who did a lot of photography. The video will appear in full shortly on YouTube. UPDATE: Video now on-line. See the ‘Media’ page.

12th August 2012: A forum has been created and can be found here. All are welcome :-)

7th August 2012: All the album tracks have been released as tasters on YouTube. Visit my Media page for the direct links :-)

16th July 2012: Ten people have received the completed album for ‘proof listening’. On completion of this there will be tasters of each track made available. Some more photos have also been added to the Images page.

1st July 2012: I have been quiet here for a little while but it has been quite busy behind the scenes. I received the mixed & mastered album recently and that is now in the process of having a number of tracks being re-edited for various reasons. The Metropolis Leodis video is also very close to completion (a lot of you have been asking about this I know!) so currently I anticipate that the album will be ready for release around early August.

4th June 2012: The ten remaining album tracks are now in the capable hands of Nick at Cave Studio, Nice, France. They are receiving the final mix and mastering process's. Jack at Spiral Static Productions' is in the final stages of the Metropolis Leodis video edit and I am going to have a break for the best part of two weeks before I start the process of preparing the album for it's release, hopefully in July. Remember to check out Jango Airplay to hear Metropolis Leodis in full. Here is the album track listing in provisional running order:

1: Birth Of A City 2: Industrial Leodis 3: Techno City 4: The Seedy Side 5: Chilled Metropolis 6: Life After Death 7: Interlude 8: Metropolis Leodis 9: Devil Machine 10: Energy 11: Nightclub City.

27th May 2012: The video shoot for Metropolis Leodis on the 16th May 2012 went as planned. We all met at 8 o’clock in the evening and we finished filming at just before 3 o’clock in the morning! Also, a review has appeared in my local magazine - 'East Leeds Magazine'. Click on the link followed by the ‘Scene and Heard’ link to see the review.

16th May 2012: The video shoot for Metropolis Leodis is taking place in Leeds tonight with 'Spiral Static Productions'. Fingers crossed for a sunny sunset :-)

13th May 2012: The final track for my album has been completed and carry's the provisional title of Techno City. A lot of final production went into Energy this past week and is definitely one of the stand out tracks of the album. The only major task to do now is to record the final vocals for the Devil Machine track. A provisional track listing has been compiled and the tracks have been sent to Cave Studios in France for them to become familiar with the album before they carry out the final mix and mastering process. At this moment in time there is a total of 11 tracks that weighs in just shy of a 50 minutes running time.

29th April 2012: The Metropolis Leodis video shoot got postponed last week until around the middle of this coming week mainly due to the weather! Below is the tentative track listing for the forthcoming album that is currently planned to have it's final mix & mastering completed at the beginning of June (not the final running order). Metropolis Leodis, Birth Of A City, Chilled Metropolis, Devil Machine, Techno City, Energy, Interlude, Industrial Leodis, Life After Death, Seedy, One Time.

Finally, 'Metropolis Leodis' is currently been given a lot of air time on Jango Airplay :-)

15th April 2012: Eight songs are now 90-95% ready for the final mix/mastering process. I am about to start on the final two to four tracks to take the total up to a possible twelve (subject to their final sound). Also, the video shoot for Metropolis Leodis is currently scheduled to take place one evening w/c 23rd April in Leeds with 'Spiral Static Productions'. The track is also now available to hear on ‘Jango Airplay’. Finally, a small article is currently scheduled to appear in the ‘East Leeds Magazine’ music column in May.

10th April 2012: Metropolis Leodis has been released as a single on iTunes. It also available on CDBaby and soon various other outlets. Please buy and share the news!!!

31st March 2012: A 1 minute 20 seconds taster of Metropolis Leodis has been released onto YouTube and can be viewed here: Metropolis Leodis - Taster. The full version is 4 minutes 10 seconds long and will be showcased later in April 2012 complete with a video made by Spiral Static Productions to accompany it. The final mix and mastering process was completed by Cave Studio, Nice, France. Also, quite an extensive photo shoot was completed earlier today on the roof of a multi-story car park in the centre of Leeds!

29th March 2012: It's all go at the moment. This weekend a snippet will appear of Metropolis Leodis. Soon after the Easter break Spiral Static Productions will be filming a video for the Metropolis Leodis track ready for it's full airing on YouTube. Also, there is an outside chance (a long shot really) that I could be performing this track live at Temple Newsam, Leeds on the 24th June 2012!

25th March 2012: Later this week I will be releasing a 1 minute 17 second snippet of Metropolis Leodis for you all to have a listen to :-)  Cover artwork can be found here.

18th March 2012: Sometime in the next four weeks or so I will be releasing a track onto YouTube. It is titled Metropolis Leodis and I am currently working out the best option for the visuals e.g. A video or photos etc. I am open to suggestions! Also, I have nearly finished track number 6 which carries the working title of 'Devil Machine'.

7th March 2012: I received my demo 05 track back from France today all mixed and mastered - it certainly does sound 'polished' and has given it that finishing touch which is more than good enough for any potential airplay in the near future. I have decided to release this track circa March/April 2012 on Youtube through my website.

3rd March 2012: Twitter account is now up and running. Just simply search for Myattmode or use the Twitter link near the top of this page.

29th February 2012: Cave Studio in Nice, France have listened to two tracks I sent them and have agreed to do the final mix & mastering process. By the weekend of 10th March 2012 demo track five should have had this process done and I am likely to use it as a taster track on Youtube etc. in due course.

25th February 2012: The vocals have been completed for track five. I may have to alter the “Ahh” vocals in the last chorus though. Hopefully I will be able to progress track six by next weekend.

15th February 2012: Some studio photographs have been added to the ‘Images’ page.

14th February 2012: A dedicated FaceBook page has been setup and is now available in my ‘Contact’ section. A fourth demo has now been completed up to the final mix and mastering stage. Sketched lyrics have been drafted for the next track which is likely to carry the same title name as the album itself. Various website alterations carried out.

11th February 2012: Welcome to my website which has been designed to assist with the promotion of an album I will be releasing later this year. It has been a life time ambition to do this and now seems to be the right time to do it. I started my current project in January 2012 and to date I have three tracks to a final mix and mastering stage with another six tracks currently in there early stages. In the short term I intend to promote at least one track through YouTube as a radio edit version. In the long term an album will be released through iTunes, Amazon and a number of other music sites. This website is in it’s early stages so it is likely to change frequently in the coming weeks so I hope you will call back regularly to monitor my progress.